by alt.dream//




"A concept sci-fi space album with drones, noise and layered textures that will send you to the coldest and darkest reaches of space. Enjoy with headphones."


released 31 December 2012

-Ed Arvizu
-Josh Lago



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Track Name: {BootDisk}
"A ship's computer boots in the cold of space. The universe's wonder fills its circuits for the first time overloading its sensors with the beauty of it. Upon looking, old files are found; now ghost voices from a broken life support sound off from the void. Depression sets in before the slow realization that it's much easier to appreciate the universe without all the added noise of man."
Track Name: {Reboot...Loading}
"What is this body? Wires and silicone? Who is my God? Can I love? I sense the chilling dark void that I am in. The loneliness of being one of a kind becomes ever more relevant with time. Let this beautiful dark void take me away to my final destination for my purpose is written and I am an automaton. I dream not of wires and numbers, I dream of a final truth lightyears away amongst the living and dying stars. Restarting..."
Track Name: {CommandEnd}
"It's the end, today is Thursday, December 31st 2045 and our life support is running low, due to a strong impact with an asteroid belt and we have 23 minutes until we're out of oxygen. 2 members of our crew are dead, Doctor Alan and Engineer Arvizu. This will be our last transmission and all I want to say on behalf of the VSS Genesis crew is that we thank you for your enduring support and that we love our families very much. Godspeed."
-Captain Derek Jones-"